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Maternity / Pregnancy Photography


Female photographer and mum!

If we’re lucky, we’ll all experience a handful of extra special events in our lives. And for us ladies, pregnancy is the ultimate time for celebration.

Those nine glorious months are without doubt one of the most magical periods we’ll ever experience, where our bodies undergo the most radical changes.

And regardless of whether we’re growing our first, second, third or fourth baby – there’s nothing quite like the eager anticipation of bringing a newly created bundle of joy into to the world.

Despite most of us ladies feeling a little self-conscious about our bodies during pregnancy (because let’s face it – creating and carrying a mini human being is REALLY hard work), expectant mothers always seem to emit the most amazingly radiant glow, especially during the final trimester.

Who wouldn’t want to preserve that?

My maternity bump sessions are specially tailored to each individual and I aim to make my mums-to-be feel comfortable, relaxed and absolutely fabulous.
During your session, I’ll guide you in positioning your body to flatter your assets and disguise any areas you might prefer hidden.
And you can completely forget about those pesky lumps, bumps, spots, wrinkles and crinkles, because I’ll iron those out perfectly in post-production.

Sessions can be held out outdoors, at my studio in Farnworth or even in the comfort of your own home.
And you can participate either on your own or have the rest of the family involved. It’s completely up to you.

My job is for us to have lots of fun,
whilst creating a selection of beautifully flattering maternity photographs that you, your partner, your children and your family will cherish for years to come.


Newborn Baby Photography


Your baby will never be that tiny ever again!

The first few weeks of a baby’s life is a magical time for any new parent, but there’s something about those newborn poses that make that magic a little extra special.

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, phone cameras can take some pretty good photos these days.

But realistically, you should only ever trust a professional photographer who has experience in handling babies to capture those intricate baby poses. Babies are delicate, precious little creatures and need to be handled with respect, confidence and care and you can be sure you’ll get that with me.

For the very best results, newborn sessions should ideally take place when baby is 8-14 days old (at full term).

At this stage, they’ve often got into a good feeding routine, are not too gassy and are still sleepy enough that they can be more easily positioned.

My absolute priority on newborn sessions is the comfort and safety of your child.
If baby doesn’t want to do it, or isn’t happy – then we don’t do it!

That’s one of the reasons why I tend to give my clients a flexible 2-3 hour window to give plenty of time for feeding, cuddles and breaks.

The photo shoot can take place either at my studio in Farnworth, in the comfort of your own home or at a location of your choice.

Capture the memories of those unforgettable first newborn moments, with top quality photographs that you’ll treasure forever.


Kids & Children Photography


Our children aren’t children for long!

We take a breath and before we know it, it’s September again and they’re moving up a year in school.

Why not keep their childhood alive forever, with a children’s portrait photo shoot.

A child at heart myself (well I like to think so anyway), I’ve got a natural knack of making even the shyest of children beam with delight.

I’ll provide you with a selection of photos you’ll treasure forever as well as a legacy for them to be able to pass onto their own children when they’re older.


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